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Vegetables Processing Machine Series

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Extra Large Onion Cutter TJ-306


It Cuts leaf vegetable like Spinach, Leek, Celery, Ca
-bbage and water convolvulus, Cucumber, eggplant. 
The multi-functional vegetable cutter can cut very kin
-ds of vegetable into piece,strip or dice shape.

1.This multi-functional vegetable cutting machine can
cut scallion, bamboo shoot,grlic,leek,celery,Chinese
cabbage,fish,spinage,paste and melon etcin into strip shape. 
2. This multi-functional vegetable cutter possesses
the function of slicing and threading, such as potato, lotus root. 
3.This multi-functional vegetable cutting ma
-chine also can cut kelp into square shape.
4. This multi-fuctional vegetable cutter can also cut meat,
such as barbecued pork, pig head pork, pig/cattle stomach.

1.The multi-functional vegetable cutter can cut every ki
ds of vegetable into flake,strip or dice shape easily.
2.The multi-functonal vegetable cutter is easy to operate and clean.
3.The vegetable cutter has compact structure and beautiful appearance.

Dimension: 970X 760X 1500mm
Cutting Size: 1~60mm (adjustable)
Net Weight: 140KG
Capacity: 800~1500Kg/h
Width of Belt: 160mm
Voltage: 220V single phrase or 380V three phrase
Power: 2HP+ 1 HP
One pair of ox-horn blade is equipped with the machine.