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Vacuum Roll Mix Machine JY-180


Vacuum Tumbler is in a vacuum state, the impact of the use
of physical principles, so that flip up and down the meat in th
-e drum, each hit, beat, to massage, pickled effect, so that e
ven the absorption of pickled meat, meat knot to improve fo
-cus and product flexibility; The machine has lung respiratory
function, so that products made ​ ​ In the drum expansion, red
-uced reciprocating motion, improving the organizational str
-ucture of the meat and improve the section effect, increasin
-g the production rate. Can enhance retention and improve
the product's internal structure.

Model: JY-180
Driven Power: 0.37KW
Vacuum Pump Power: 0.37KW
Total Power: 0.74KW
Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Rotation Speed: 4r/min
Drum Capacity: 180L
Capacity: 100KG
Vacuum Degree: -0.08MPa
Mixing Time: 0~12h(adjustable)
Dimension: 1500X850X930 mm
Net Weight: 250KG