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Meat Processing Machine Series

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Semi-automatic Sausage Tying Machine, Sausage Knotting Machine TJZG - 2


Model: TJZG-2

It is a semi-automatic type, the sausages with
 a diameter less than 40mm are to be fed into the binding
machine, and the sausages are moved manually,
by adjusting the positioning unit to determine the
sausage length range (20-400mm) to carry out the
binding. The machine is applicable to the products
made of natural sausage casings as well as collagen,
fiber and smoked sausage casings.

Technical Parameter
Dimension: 830x560x1000mm
Capacity: 100pcs/min
Net Weight: 100kg
Sausage Diameter: 9-40mm
Sausage Length Range: 20-40mm(adjustable)
Voltage: 220V