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Vegetables Processing Machine Series

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Large Vegetable Cutter TJ-306A


Model: Large Vegetable Cutter TJ-306A

This equipment by tool change to cut both vegetable and meat,suitable for food processing industry, the central kitchen. Largevegetable meat machine TJ-306A purposes:
1. Cut long strips onions, garlic, Philippines yellow, celery, cab-bage, Chinese cabbage, fish, tofu, spinach, surface roots, melons, etc., can connecting automated production lines.
2. For meat characteristics of large food processing plants, machine tools can be replaced to cut frozen meat, fresh meat and others in one-time, with the advantages of large models, production, ground speed, smooth operation and so on.

Technical Parameter:
Capacity: 1500-2000KG / h
Product size: 0-100mm (adjustable)
Power: 2.25KW
Power: 380V
Single-phase belt width: 200mm
Net Weight: 200kg
Dimension:1000 * 800 * 1380mm