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Meat Processing Machine Series

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Cooked Meat Slicer TJ-309A


Model: Cooked Meat Slicer TJ-309A

Hob feed conveyor position lower than 20mm,easy feeding. And the overall appearance of the structure is stainless steel equipment.

Technical Parameter:
Electrical parts protection: IP65 around
Dimensions: 2000 × 950 × 1250 mm (length × width × height)
Feeding mouth size: 387 × 100 mm (width × height)
Conveyor effective width: 0 ~ 400mm
Tool Effective width: 0 ~ 355mm
Cutting thickness: 0 ~ 65mm
Conveyor motor specifications: 380V / 0.75KW (with inverter)
Material cutting width (distance between the two pieces knife tip): 15mm
Knife Group motor specifications: 380V / 1.5KW
Hob speed: about 50 rev / min
Processing capacity: conveyor frequency control, depending on the conveyor speed.