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Hamstring Automatic Machine JY-980


Model: Hamstring Automatic Machine JY-980

JY-980 automatic Hamstring machine is currently the larger, higher yield more advanced automation equipment broken ribs meat, JY-980 Hamstring machine is using the current international advanced stepper technology tooth, good meat tenderizer effect, use the easiest way, good technology, good meat tenderizer effect of mechanical products, meat tenderizer principle broken disk drive is derived from Europe and relevant process design and refining sublimation: the use of high-density blade specifically designed for small miter processed beef depth fiber instant cut, thereby undermining its Fibrous tissue organizations from different angles, in order to achieve a better state of tender, without changing the shape of the beef. Meat practitioners Hamstring machine is suitable for industrialization, and various types of steak processing plants, meat and other production finishing process. This specification is not adjustable upper and lower frequencies, and another with a converter, the frequency is adjustable up and down, is the ideal of a tender hamstring equipment!

Technical Parameter:
Pin number: 976
Down stroke: 200mm
The upper and lower frequency: 87 times / min
Conveyor stroke (stride): 50mm-100mm (adjustable)
Belt Width: 46mm
Conveyor Length: 1400mm
Motor power: 3KW
Dimensions: length 1980 width 850 height 1550
Yield: 3500-4500kg / h
Weight: 400kg