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Brine Injector JYR-210


Model: Brine Injector JYR-210

This machine injection pressure can differ depending on the product between 0.1-1.5MPa adjustment; injection pressure gauge display and intuitive, easy to use; the machine uses the frequency converter; chain stepping distance and stepping speed and needle injection speed synchronous adjustable ; this machine is designed as a single-pin single tube, and automatic needle protection devices, automatic fault alarmdevice; when the needle hit a hard object can lift attendant from damage; the device except for the meat processing, but by Replacing the Needle also successfully applied to fish, sea cucumbers, poultry and other products of the injection process.

Technical Parameter:
Production capacity (kg / h): 2000
Total power (kw): 4.5
Injection speed (times / once / min): 15-50
Host size (L × W × H) mm: 1390 × 770 × 1750
Stepping speed (m / min): 15-70
Injection pressure (mpa): 0.1-1.5
Weight: 800KG