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Washing & Peeling Machine Series

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Automatic Brush Cleaning and Peeling Machine


Model: Automatic Brush Cleaning and Peeling Machine

New automatic brush cleaning peeling machine, the main materialused in the roots of cleaning and peeling, such as potatoes, taro, carrots and other products, processed fruits and vegetables, rootscan be connected to the production line, the new automatic brush cleaning peelers changed the previous continuous cleaning peelersabove feed a large gap, easily damaged material and machine cleaning inconvenient problem, the machine side of the feed, no gap,the machine comes with spray and cleaning system after each use open the inlet valve device will self-cleaning, saving time and effort,the aircraft stylish transparent directly see the entire cleaning process. It is the essential products for washing and peeling fruits and root vegetables.

Technical Parameter:
Power: 2KW
Dimensions: 2800X1000X1700mm
Capacity: 1-2.5 tons/h