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Skip Car 200L


Model: Skip Car 200L

Skip car using high quality 304 stainless steel, widely used in food production and processing lines. We can produce the skip car according to your requirements.

◆Mouth: flat and angled two options.
◆Technology: Polishing / Sandblasting two processes available. Barrel mouth curling, lifting the side with the ear. Full car continuous welding, no health corner.
◆Material: 304 quality stainless steel.
◆Wheels: 4 nylon wheel, diameter 160mm.
◆Other: 200L meat vehicles with standard lifting feeding machine used in conjunction.

Technical Parameter:
Capacity (L): 200
Dimensions (mm): 780 * 720 * 690
Thickness (mm): barrel body 2mm, 3mm stainless steel bottom 2mm + extra reinforcing plate
Weight (kg): 40kg