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Meat Bowl Cutter Machine JY-ZB20L


Model: Meat Bowl Cutter Machine JY-ZB20L

Rotary blades rotating at high speed and trays at the same time, the raw material is chopped or into mud, and make all kinds of raw materials uniformly mixed together to achieve a good emulsifying effect. Multiple speeds can be achieved with the use of a more ideal chopping effect,  automatic  material used to make work easier and more productive.
 advantages and features: 
1. high quality frequency inverter and motor, the chopper speed in during 300-3000 rev/min adjusted, small aircraft noise, high efficiency, energy saving effect is remarkable. 
2. chopper made of imported materials processing by a special process, cut the pot for casting all stainless steel, and a spill-proof pot along, to prevent infiltration material, the flash. 
3. chopped pot as a two-speed, it can be used with any speed with the chopper, chopping a short time, small temperature materials. 
4. equipped with a feeder for easy discharge and clean. 
5. electrical components waterproof design, good sealing, easy to clean.

Technical Parameter:
Capacity: 300kg/h
Dimension: 1050*850*1100mm 
Volume: 20L
Weight: 150kg