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Automatic Ribs Cutter


Model: Automatic Ribs Cutter

1.Can chopped frozen or fresh, bone-in or boneless pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, meat and vegetables and fruits, can cut bone, meat, vegetable
2. the feed inlet size: 300 × (50/70/90/100 selection) (mm)
3. chopping Specifications: automatic feeding 1 ~ 38mm adjustable knob 
diced Specification: 25mm (custom not adjustable)
4. the new architecture, modular design, can be quickly disassembled the whole conveyor mechanism, easier to clean.Thick stainless steel square tube frame, feeding mechanism independent modules can be quickly removed for cleaning Independent security guard and safety protection sensor switch Automatic lubrication system, automatic alarm stop short of oil, air flow cooling fan, rapid side door, the bottom of the net rodent

Technical Parameter:
Material: SUS304
Capacity: 500-700kg/h
Dimension: 950*580*1100mm 
Cut Frequency: 72times/min
Power: 3.2kw
Weight: 320kg