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Vegetables Processing Machine Series

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High output vegetable cutter machine TJ-118


Model:TJ-118 High output vegetable cutter machine



1, leaf vegetables: it can cut the long strip onion, garlic, celery, Chinese cabbage, etc, the speed of the conveyor belt and cutting knife is controlled by frequency converter,it can adjustable the cutting size;

2, Root vegetable: it can be cut radish, ma ling potato, taro, sweet potato, bamboo shoots, Onions, melons, eggplant. 

3.Meat: according to the characteristics of the large amount of meat cutting in the food processing plant, the machine can change the cutting tool to cut the frozen meat and fresh meat into meat pieces at one time, which has the advantages of large model, large output, high speed and smooth operation.

4.Cutting shape: thick, thin slice,four corners of shred,round shred,  angle block.This machine installs the double protection switch, the design is advanced, is convenient for the staff to operate.




Cutting size:1~35mm double blade/1~70mm single blade