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Vacuum Roll Mixer Machine TJG-300


Model:TJG-300 Vacuum Roll Mixer Machine



1. The unidirectional rotation.Speed is adjustable.

2. Roller positioning function.Tumbling, after the completion of the roller will stop in a fixed position (barrel mouth location) as shown.

3. Time relay control, can realize: knead roll - suspended - roll kneading - suspension loop mode.
4. The total time, running time, the pause time parameter is optional.
5. Built-in vacuum pump, air filtration device, prevent the material being pumped into vacuum pump.
6. Breathing type vacuum function.
7. All adopt high quality 304 stainless steel, excellent craftsmanship, sandblasting processing.
Technical Parameter
Dimension: 1230*810*1380mm
Vacuum tumbler volume: 300L
Vacuum tumbler power: 0.75kW
Vacuum pump power: 0.75kW
Vacuum degree: -0.08Mpa
Material loading capacity: 180kg
Rotation speed: 1-11rpm
Weight: 270kg