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Meat Strip Slice Cutting Machine JYR-10B

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Model:JYR-10B Meat Strip Slice Cutting Machine

1. The machine is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, adopts optimized sanitary design and convenient for cleaning;
2. Switch with universal brake casters, which can flexibly dispatch and improve production efficiency;
3. The machine adopts double-edge cutting, the upper and lower cross cutting groups to process meat, without damaging food fiber
4. Fresh tissue, fresh cut surface, uniform thickness and high work efficiency;
5. The body blade and the parts that contact with food are made of materials that conform to the national food safety standards and do not pollute the food;
6. The machine is simple to operate and convenient for users to use.

Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 380V
Power: 1.5 kw
Capacity: 800 kg/H
Cutting size: 3-15mm
Inlet size: 200*120mm
Dimension: 605*445*960 (mm)