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JY-36K Frozen Beef Pork Meat Slicing Machine


 JY-36K Frozen Beef Pork Meat Slicing Machine

Function:Super large feeding inlet design, high precision control, large or small blocks of raw materials are suitable for use, adopt special screw control, can cut ultra-thin products, improve the accuracy of the slice, more stability.Blade made in Germany, can keep good results of slicing for a long time.AC control system can be adjusted freely, the chip speed is 100-280 RPM, controlled by frequency converter section, to ensure the quality and efficiency of processing products.Install safety sensor, the outer protective cover of blade, raw material inlet, outlet protective cover and meat scraps box can automatically cut off the power supply and run the stop device to ensure safe operation.
Technical Parameters:
Voltage: 380V
Power: 5.5KW
Product Size: 0.5-30mm
Cutting Speed: 100-280 pieces /min
Net Weight: 700KG
Dimension: 1820 * 1200 * 1550 mm
Large feed size: 650mm
Inlet Size: 360*200mm