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JY-160 Meat Slicing Machine

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 Model: JY-160 Meat Slicing Machine


1. The machine is set to double position section at 45° Angle to ensure that the two products cut out are oblique slices at 45° Angle, and the production is large.

2. The bottom of the feed port is designed with imported stainless steel pattern plate to reduce the damage to the product, facilitate the cleaning of the equipment, avoid the secondary pollution of the product, and ensure the quality of the processed product.

3. The discharging port is equipped with mobile conveyor belt, which speeds up the discharging speed and reduces the working intensity of employees.

4, the main components such as servo motor, PCL, touch screen, electrical components, all imported products, to ensure the quality of products.

5. The machine is equipped with reliable safety measures.

Technical parameters:

Diameter of ham used: 80mm (second station)

Slice thickness: 1-30mm (adjustable)

Power: 2.2KW

Capacity: 400 tablets /min (two stations)

Dimension: 1900*1550*1420mm

Net Weight: 300KG