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TJZG-2 Automatic Sausage Clicking Machine


 Model: TJZG-2 Automatic Sausage Clicking Machine


The machine adopts chain hanging clamp as a push mechanism, is due to the fluctuation of pressure and ensure the accuracy of the length of arbitrary length setting, for any good sausage processing effect (associated with enema plumpness, to kiss the bowel, im a small particles, such as sausage, sausage filler should be equipped with full regulatory agencies) this equipment adopts gear and bearing are stable and reliable work in lubricating oil transmission light low noise, driving control system adopts PLC to adopt servo motor, touch screen operation, knead gently work no vibration impact.The machine adopts international 304 stainless steel thick plate manufacturing, corrosion resistance, to meet the hygiene requirements of food enterprises.In the process of production will tie the line output for automatic statistics, eliminating the trouble of manual points.The operation is easy to understand.


Technical Parameters:

Suitable for casing diameter: 8-30mm

Voltage: 220/380V

Capacity: 500pcs/h

Diemension: 1352*760*1352mm

Net Weight: 123KG