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Vegetables Processing Machine Series

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JY-400T Centrifugal Potato Carrot Slicers Shredders Machine


 Application: This JY-400T potato slicer and shredder is a 2-D cutting machine suitable for slicing, cutting strips (grate) or chopping vegetables. Suitable for cutting all kinds of root vegetables, fruits and cheese. For example, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, bamboo shoots, Onions, tomatoes, almonds, mushrooms, radishes, garlic, etc., suitable for cutting a variety of specifications, the maximum diameter of the cut product diameter is 90mm. 



Machine Features:

1. Two-dimensional centrifugal cutting machine: all SUS 304 stainless steel, heavy duty frame structure, sand blasting surface treatment.

2. Simple design, no exposed nut, smooth surface design, easy to clean.

3. Drive area and cutting head are completely separated, with high hygiene standards and convenient maintenance

4. Rotating feeding inlet, equipped with safety switch, can be connected with the feeding machine.

5. Circular discharge port can be adapted to material receiving box or material discharging conveyor according to customer requirements

6. Equipped with stainless steel moving caster

7. The use of German imported cutting tools, sharp, no need to sharpen the knife, low replacement cost.



Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 400 V/50 Hz/3 Phase

Power: 1.5KW 

Dimensions: 1350mm×800mm×1510mm

Capacity: 1-3T/H

Cutting Shape: Slice and Strip (Flat or Wave)

Weight: 350 kg