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JY-21K Industrial Frozen Meat Slicer Machine Heavy Duty

  • This is high precisely slicer machine, made by SUS 304 SS Cutting Thickness from 1-30mm adjustable.

 Application: The slicer machine can cut frozen beef, pork, lamb meat, bacon, ham, fish, cheese and sausage into slices according to the set thickness you need.

1. Intelligent pneumatic cutting special claw, prevent the product slip, ensure the quality of the product;
2. Intelligent residual material throwing device, to achieve the maximum material income, accelerate the speed of production;
3. The return trip restriction is adopted to save time;
4. Important components, such as controller, PLC, reducer and motor are all imported to ensure product quality;
5. German cutting blade, durable, cutting quality is good;
6. The tool is directly connected with the gear drive motor, high power efficiency, reliable safety measures;
7. Adopt imported screw to drive rear claw, which is more accurate than belt drive;
8. Adopt German Siemens reducer motor with brake to drive the blade.
Technical Parameters:
Model: JY-21K
Shell length: 900mm
Length of protective cover: 900mm
Output: 210 pcs/min
Power: 3KW
Cutting thickness: 1-30mm
Suitable cutting temperature: -4℃
Feeding inlet area: W210*H200mm
Machine Size: L1770xW720xH1270mm 
Net Weight: 450KG