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JYB-760 Food Skin Vacuum Packing Machine For Steak


 Model: JYB-760 Food Skin Vacuum Packing Machine

Features: this packing machine has advanced design, reliable performance, compact structure, elegant appearance, wide vacuum range, convenient operation and maintenance. It is good for vacuum fitting packaging equipment at present.
After the goods are packed on special pallet, plate paper or film, it can form three-dimensional packaging effect, improve the shelf grade and achieve the purpose of oxygen isolation, freshness preservation, moistureproof, poison prevention, rust prevention, corrosion prevention and pollution prevention, and effectively extend the shelf life for easy storage and transportation.

The Performance Characteristics:
1. The upper and lower studio is made of high-quality aluminum material, with tight combination and good sealing stability. The heating plate is treated with imported Teflon spraying without sticking film, which should be cleaned up and balanced by heat;
2. For different vacuum requirements and packaging materials of different thickness, the ideal close-fitting packaging effect can be achieved by adjusting the vacuum time and temperature;

Main structure and working principle:
1. The machine is mainly composed of upper and lower studio, heating plate, rack, vacuum system and electrical control system.
2. The sealed vacuum chamber is divided into upper and lower chambers, and the pressure difference between the upper and lower studios is adjusted by automatic control, so that the heated film is stuck on the packaged material and the pallet to form packaging effect.

Technical Parameters:
Dimensions: 1000X980X1020mm
Max Chamber: 710X510X58mm
Max Sealing Area: 700X500mm
Heating Plate Size: 712X522mm
Vacuum: 0.5mbar
Power:  6.5KW
Vacuum Pump Power: 2.7KW
Heating Plate Power: 3.8KW