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Meat Processing Machine Series

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JY-25K New Style Commercial Frozen Meat Slicer


Model JY-25K slicer is multi-purpose machines that ensure a precisely slice in meat both with and without the bone.  


1. Automatic return. 2. Smooth and saw-toothed or flat edge blades for option. 3. Selection of thrust: step by step and continuous according of different products to slice. 4. Chop cutter cleaning: with water. 
5. Connecting power: 4.4KW
6. Full 304 stainless steel with conveyor design, portion function.

Application Sliced products: frozen beef, lamb, pork Meat with and without bone, ham, bacon, fish etc.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions: 1850×950×1480mm

Slice thickness: 1-30mm adjustable

Portion Function: the number of each piece is set digitally panel

Feeding Inlet Size: L600*W250*H180mm

Right Temp for Product Cutting: -4℃

Power Supply: 4.4KW

Capacity: 200 pcs/min

Net Weight:520KG