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JY-300 2D Frozen Meat Dicing Machine



JY-300 2D Frozen Meat Dicing Machine



1. The use two layers of conveyor belt feeding, convenient operation, cutting products from the conveyor belt to send out, can support the workshop assembly line production.
2. Using touch screen digital setting cutting size, PLC program control, cutting product standard accurate, can meet the customer all kinds of specifications of cutting.
3. It can quickly disassemble the feeding and discharging conveyor belts and wafer cutter group, which is convenient for cleaning and meets the requirements of food hygiene.
4. Double knife cutting speed and cutting speed of wafer cutter group are set by PLC program, cutting product specifications are completed by wafer cutter group, specific specifications are selected by users, precisely cutting product is stable.
5. The machine adopts safety protection device to prevent personal injury.
6. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, clean with water, meet the requirements of food hygiene.

Technical parameters:
Inlet Size: 300mm*70mm
Power: 2.25 KW
Capacity: 800kg/h
Cutting size: 5mm-30mm option
Cutting temperature: 0-5 C
Net Weight: 500 KG